A Meditative Experience


For Readers

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This is a quiet experience similar to that of a natural style meditation. You won’t need any special skills to enjoy this because you will be experiencing something that has always been with you, which is the natural flow of the mind. You have always had thoughts, and you have always had feelings, and in this experience, you will ride with that flow of the mind. Very graceful and accepting.

If you have a friend with you, one of you can read this aloud to the other, and if you are alone, try reading it aloud to yourself in a soft voice or in a silent, word-by-word manner. 

Read and feel it like a poem…

Sit comfortably and put both feet on the floor. You can lightly cross your legs at the ankles.

You’ll be taking a quiet, solitary meditative ride. You can think of this as being something like getting into a familiar canoe and going down the lake for a while on a summer evening. The water is calm, there’s a gentle breeze at your back, and a gentle current, a gentle flow, helping you go where you want to go. You’ll be riding along on that flow, gently assisting with the paddle.

Now, that’s just an image. And you can let that image fall away or stay with you.
The flow of the lake is a metaphor for the flow of the mind.

The flow is the thoughts you are having…

The flow is the background sounds you hear…

The flow is the feelings that gently circulate through the body…

All this is the lake. And it flows.

When you hear a sound or have a thought, you’re feeling your flowing mind. And it is helping. It’s carrying you in the right direction.

In a moment, close your eyes and sit for a few minutes. Maybe five minutes. Don’t try to time it. Just let your thoughts and feelings flow as they will.

Close your eyes and enjoy a few quiet minutes.

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