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Learn to Meditate Naturally, Right Now

Part Three: Full Sitting of Natural Meditation

  • Time: 19 minutes in Audio form
  • Experience: do a full sitting (or session) of Natural Meditation lasting 15 minutes. You will be guided into and out of it.

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15-Minute Meditation

READERS TAKE NOTE: This is quite effective and soothing to listen to, but not to read. You should read it only if you cannot listen to it, or want to guide someone else in learning by reading this aloud to the other and doing the timing, shown in brackets. If you are alone and cannot listen to the audio, then try this: First read this quietly to yourself. Then go through it and do what is indicated, closing your eyes and doing the timing yourself with a watch or clock. 

Pauses are important in this. They are indicated here as numbers, such as “…Three…” or in brackets, and they specify the number of seconds or heartbeats to pause.

This is the text of the audio:

Now we will do a full sitting of Natural Meditation for 15 minutes. I will start you off, I’ll do the timing for you, and describe how to come back at the end. Sit comfortably. Place your hands on your lap, folded together, and put both feet on the floor. You can lightly cross them at the ankles. Now, close your eyes and wait for about half a minute, letting thoughts flow as they will.

[30 seconds]

Now recall the phrase “I am” without doing anything to it. …Three …

Recall it again… and then again every few moments, letting thoughts flow easily, without trying to go anywhere and without trying to remain where you are.

I will tell you when 15 minutes is up. Just stay with this flow until then.

[15 minutes] The audio sounds birds and then rings a bell 

We’re now in the last phase of meditation. Now you keep your eyes closed for about two minutes, and I’ll tell you when that time comes. And during this time, feel free to move. In fact, it’s good to move. It’s important to move your arms and legs as you feel a need to do that. And you can stretch. But keep your eyes closed. I’ll let you know when two minutes is up.

[2 minutes] The audio rings a bell to show the time is up.

OK…Open your eyes when you are ready.