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Guided Meditation

by Ted Phelps | Natural Meditation: guided launch

Natural Meditation 

Culturally Neutral, Non-Religious Meditation, Health-Oriented

We present information and instruction in natural meditation. What that means is: sitting quietly and allowing our natural meditative function, a sort of natural talent we all have, to meditate within us. We let nature do the details. Think about that a second. It is different, actually, from most of what we hear today about meditation.

So come on in. Stay awhile. Learn something about how humans are actually “wired for meditation.” It is just this accepting awareness about the meditative function that makes a method of sitting truly worthy of being called “natural meditation.”

Home of Natural Meditation

We are the Internet’s original home of the term and concept of Natural Meditation. This has been here at this address every day since the middle of 2000. It has always included free instruction and sells the book, A Course in Meditation: self-paced learning in the art of natural meditation.

Ted Phelps (Theodore K. Phelps), the founder and writer here used the term with precision and is the first to tie it directly to the natural meditative function that has been discovered by physiologists. He uses the term natural here in a way that thoroughly integrates with each bit of both the theory and practice you see here.


The Main Message

We all contain a natural ability to enter the silence, collected energy, and expanded awareness of meditation. This ability is like spring water. It belongs to all of us, not to any single culture or religion.

We all have a natural ability to meditate. And we don’t just mean sitting quietly and settling down. We refer to a scientifically verifiable, profoundly significant shift that happens in the body and mind. We call that whole process “the meditative function.”

Since it is natural, we think all people have a right to know about it, especially to know how to let it happen within themselves. It can happen inside of religious meditations, but it doesn’t have to. You can do this just to feel better and to become healthier, happier, smarter and more creative. Or just to be a nicer person to be around.

Our site is not trying to get you to “meditate our way”–or any way. We just want people to learn something basic about themselves and meditation and to be able to learn about it on their own, without traveling far or paying high fees–or joining a group, unless they want to.

At the same time, we know it takes more than a few web pages to learn an art like this. So, while we give you some meditation “snacks” to nibble on if you are hungry (as do most meditation web sites), we also give you a place to take the full course meal and some food for thought.

We have an online course in Natural Meditation that you can take right now. It only takes about one hour.  And it is all audio, with text to read along if you wish.

You can also get the audio of the course as a CD. Makes a good gift and is good for teachers or people without use of computers and the Internet.

For the full story, purchase A Course in Meditation as a book.

CIM Book and CD


Why is this called “natural”? And other good questions…


No charge, no registration. Takes about 1 hour.

Ted Phelps Comments

Website is Updated

Well, I finally have brought my website for Natural Meditation up to many of the current standards of web technology. Not doing that was making it harder and harder for people to find this on Google searches for “natural meditation” and “non-religious meditation.”

“Mobile-Friendly” as they say. I trust you can now quite comfortably read, listen, and learn from this not only from your computer, but a tablet or smartphone. We also use the security feature called “SSL” to keep up with the rising expectations for that even for sites like this which don’t collect personal information. Our little book store uses a famous card processor, and we don’t even see your card information.

Three years ago, I had made a new mobile-friendly site on a different name just to get in place the quite valuable Guided Launch” version of A Course in Meditation. I brought that into this site, and you will find it in our section on “Courses.”

In migrating to this, I let go the original (from 2000) online version of A Course in Meditation. I think the “Guided Launch” does just about all that a person is able to absorb these days while sitting with a screen. The book version of the Course (pub 2007) is still the best way to learn this if you don’t have access to a teacher. You can learn more about it here, and we have lots of excerpts from it. And you can buy it in our store.

This website is my own personal vision. I designed the Natural Meditation teaching method in 1994 to help people get the benefits of letting nature meditate within them. I have carefully honed the method and the way of understanding it to meet the needs of the 21st Century. I originally learned about the power of nature built inside humans when I became certified to teach meditation in 1972 by the master of a fine, Indian-based form of natural meditation still widely available today (called Transcendental Meditation).

But meditation that is truly natural, as you will see if you stay with us here, is based, not in culture or religion, and not even in beliefs of philosophy. It is based in the human makeup.

We can (and I think most of us should) add to our experience of natural meditation with something from one or more of the several systems of thought and practice from the great religions. But if that is not what you want–and it surely isn’t for many who visit our site–then you can get the full power of letting nature meditate within you, right here, even today, without any additional layers, no registration, no signing up, no payments. Not even telling anyone you have been here.

I have always designed this so that even a high-profile politician, who would never allow him or herself, due to political concerns, to attend a class in this type of meditation, can just sit in the executive office late at night after staff has gone home, and can read about and then start to feel the gracefulness in the mind and body that comes into us when we give nature a few minutes to operate what I call “the meditative function.”

If decisions that affect us made often selfishly and cruelly by executives in government, business, and defense were instead made after sitting in the gentle open truth of the “meditative function” our world would be better. I have no doubt of that.

Please stay tuned to this website (that is, read and listen) long enough to learn what the meditative function means. You will not see it described very well, or at all, anywhere else. And if you do, please let me know. And let the others know what I am aiming at here with this free public service.

-Ted Phelps

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